Grocery store or pharmacy?

One has to ask that question when animals are foraging for food.
While observing a group of chimpanzees, a chimp was noticed sick.This sick chimp slowly ambled over to a shrub, she removed several branches. After peeling back the bark, the chimp chewed on the inner pith. Next, she sucked out the juice (this chimp feeding on a shrub it never showed interest in before).
The indigenes of the locality have confirmed the bitter-tasting shrub was medicinal and used to treat stomach aches, malarial fevers and even gut infections caused by
parasites.The animal did so with an understanding that it was doctoring itself.
Follow-up observations revealed other chimps using the same shrub to cure themselves of ailments.This discovery has changed the way scientists study what animals eat, hence my question Grocery Store Or Pharmacy?


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