I don port o!

You would ask what am I porting, not network to network this time but airport to airport.

As technology is advancing from symbian to blackberry to andriod oh i forgot the sophisticated iphone(nobody ever wants to think of those java ‘unsmart’ phones again) so also is the airline industry progressing.

While chatting with one of my ‘big’ friends, actually it was in a meeting, sharing with us his stay outside the continent, he talk about one supersonic jet like that as we listened amazed. I went back home awed, did a little research, and here i am sharing it with you.

Travel higher, travel faster, faster than the speed of sound

When you are talking about rocket science, an epitome is the Concorde, mehn, the awe about this aircraft is that with it you can travel just as the crow flies. I mean pick a point A on the map, and you get to your point B in the shortest of time travelling straight. With this aircraft you can get to your destination half the time your usual time. Also you get to travel faster than the speed of sound *eyes wide open* and you travel so high to the point where you could see the roundness of the earth *oh my …*.

You want a ride…hun?
I’m sorry you can’t get one, its really sad, because the Almighty Concorde has crashed. Don’t get scared because it wasn’t due to inefficiency, and don’t remain sad because even if the manufacturers of Concorde have stop production, other manufacturers have picked up on this technology advancement and we are set to even travel at hypersonic speed, daring right?

So get ready, save your money, as we wait in anticipation for these new age jet, that will fly us up higher and faster


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