Death of course in some way can be reversed like when you do a CPR on someone “cure that is” but that’s by the way. I just want to bring to your remembrance those preventable causes of death. Yes, you can prevent, rather save yourself, your friends and family immature death.

I’ll be starting from the least cause to the most causes of death. And again I didn’t just brainstorm this, it is based on the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, okay?, lets proceed.

10. Unsafe water and poor sanitation 1.6mil/yr

9. Indoor air pollution from solid fuels 1.8mil/yr

8. Alcohol 1.9mil/yr

7. Physical inactivity 2.0mil/yr
(its time to get busy, lazzzy ass *big grin*)

6. Overweight and obesity 2.5mil/yr

5. Poor diet 2.8mil/yr

4. Sexually transmitted diseases 3.0mil/yr

3. Malnutrition 3.8mil/yr

2. Smoking tobacco 5.0mil/yr

1. Hypertension 7.8mil/yr

Other preventable causes of death includes:
1. Medical errors
2. Infectious diseases
3. Toxic agents including toxins, particulates and radon
4. Traffic collisions
5. Firearms deaths (Suicide, Homicide, Accidents)
6. Sexually transmitted infections
7. Drug abuse

While injuries are the leading causes of death among children, others include:
1. Traffic collision 260k/yr
2. Drowning 175k/yr
3. Burns 96k/yr
4. Falls 47k/yr
5. Toxins 45k/yr

Not forgetting that rituals has its own fair share with both children and adults especially in rural places.

That’s it. You may want to put some check on yourself, remember, your actions or inactions are a function of your life span.


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