The twin bond is a special aspect of their unique relationship. It is beyond that of ordinary siblings, sometimes it is endowed with extraordinary supernatural qualities. I know many people wonder if really this is true but as tricky as it may sound, yes its true.

Many families can relate stories about incidences where twins exhibited these qualities.
For example, me and my twin brother (identical) tend to change personalities that even close families and friends that could tell us apart, get our identities all mixed up. We also tend to make the same choices and respond to the same stimulus, the same way.
Also amazing is the fact that we sometimes think of the same thing at the same time, thus knowing what the other is thinking, but for actual mind reading, no. Sometimes ago, we couldn’t tell our handwritings apart, our voices sounded exactly the same and many more uncanny things.

So what is this phenomenon?

Telepathy is the process of assessing thoughts or feelings without help from sensory input like sight, sound or touch. In the paranormal world, extrasensory perception (known as ESP) is an ability to acquire information without relying on physical senses or previous experience.

So is a form of twin telepathy or ESP at work to cause these extraordinary experiences?, well, there is no scientific evidence to confirm the concept.
In her book, Entwined Lives, Dr. Nancy L. Segal, a preeminent twin researcher, says, “There is no evidence that twins’ similarities are caused by mental communication between them.” Dr. Eileen Pearlman, another twin expert concurred in an interview, saying “There has been no scientific evidence to support ESP in twins.” There simply isn’t any empirical proof that twins have ESP or that twin telepathy exists. It can’t be substantiated in a scientific environment.

Despite the lack of scientific proof, personal experiences can’t be denied, they happen and being a twin myself i can relate to it. It is generally accepted that such incidents are signs of a deep emotional connection, that produces an intense sense of empathy, strong enough to generate physical sensations, such as feeling pain when a co-twin is hurting. Twins also know each other so intimately, that they can often predict how their twin will speak or behave.

But contrary to what many think, twin telepathy isn’t exclusive to twin alone, it can exist between any two people with strong bonds such as couples or best-friends whom have been together for many years since childhood. For example, i always knew when my girlfriend was around me without prior knowledge of her being there.
For some reasons, whether due to nature or nurture, any two people, be it twin, couples, or BFF(s) simply have the same instincts, tendencies or preferences,thus, explaining why they do mysteriously similar things.

Wow yourself with these accounts of people that illustrated this special connection between twin.


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