Bottled water: water or what?

We live in a world where we hear that the best things in life are free and yet we pay money for more and more goods. Once upon a time, you’d never have paid for water, right? Now, we believe that the only good water comes in a bottle and costs at least a #50. The question remains how did water went on sale and why do we buy it?. Could it be the unholy trance that advertisement has plugged us into or maybe a marketing spell?
Studies shows that the general public expresses its take on purchasing bottled water in freedom and choicability, in privatability and portability, in sophistication and individuality, some even consider it to be an healthier alternative to carbonated drinks and other beverages.

Truth be told, bottled water isn’t sold as an alternative to tap water, nonetheless, it is being bought as an alternative to tap water. Tap water is equally pure and potable as bottled water but if you are going to sell something that is totally free to the general public, then a great deal of advertisement and marketing has to play in. So, yes, we are under a marketing spell.


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