World of Smarts!

Was it actually smart to create something smarter than we are?. I’m talking about the likes of the smartphones, the internet, computers, say technology for all.
Life has become more complex but we hardly ever notice it because technology has made complexity simpler than ever. Psychologists explain this dichotomy in terms of two distinct aspects of human intellect, namely fluid and crystallized intelligence.
Fluid intelligence refers to the ability to acquire and process information. In computers, this would be the processing speed and RAM capacity — the more you have, the faster and more effortlessly you can multi-task, and the higher the quantity and complexity of stuff you can handle. The second aspect of intellect — crystallized IQ — refers not to our ability to gather info but what we actually know; in simple terms, crystallized intelligence means knowledge.
Unsurprisingly, with all the knowledge of the world being now outsourced, crowdsourced, and cloudsourced, the individual storage of information is minimal (at least in comparison). Humans today are like most smartphones and tablets – their ability to solve problems depends not on the knowledge they can store but on their capacity to connect to a place where they can retrieve the answer to find a solution. This is what some have labelled the “hyper-link economy” – the only knowledge we need to have is the knowledge of where to find stuff.
Considering the fact that technology will continue to evolve and the gap between what can be solved with and without it will only increase, we will become more and more dependent of technology and the only intellectual disadvantage will be the inability (or unwillingness) to learn to use it. In short, people who are able to keep up with technology will outsmart those who don’t.


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