An Open Letter to the Faculty of Science Electoral Aspirants

“Why should we speak out? Why should we bother? What difference will it make? Why should we risk our lives? Why should we swim against the tides? Why should we bother fighting against the government or authorities we can’t win?” — These were thoughtful questions asked by Femi Fani Kayode in one of his articles.

Well, this is not a fight against the authorities; it is a call to responsibility, innovation and human capacity development.

Leaders of tomorrow we are called, leaders to make the country as a whole a nation to be, yet we thread the paths of our ever failing government: unreasonable and expensive campaigns >> take power >> serve self >> then oh! The people who voted us in.

For all I know, we can’t expect to see growth and development, if ULSSA – an academic government, fail to see through an essay competition — which in my opinion would have been a landmark innovation, but rather opt to publish non-scientific social activities on a “science magazine” and throw parties and rub it in our faces by posting the pictures on the notice board. The least you could have done for us is the maintenance of the already available facilities — the fans, light bulbs, PA systems, projectors, et.c.
That’s not all; I still call into question the student authorities of the various departments. What good have you done? — If any, please write a review for the entire student body to know and assess, and if not, you are likewise guilty of incompetency.

The subject of my concern is with the aspirants. It’s quite unfortunate that the Nigerian people still suffers from poor leadership, but as the grassroots that will eventually grow to be the high flying branches of tomorrow, we must be the change that we want to see. A selfless leader with an innovative mind, ready to take on a reform to ensure growth and development.

We want leaders that would:
1. Create academic club societies to foster interdisciplinary relationship. Academic club societies in likes of environmental club, press club, agricultural (aquaculture/horticulture) club, etc.
2. Create an online platform that allows the interaction of students with the faculty’s alumni who are industry leaders. A career platform the faculty can call its own.
3. Create a publication unit that will make readily available science news, notes and past-questions and many more to the students.
4. Introduce monthly academic and extra-curricula competitions. More like the essay and recently concluded debate competition, quiz competition inclusive.
5. Foster human capacity development through community work, volunteering, seminars, workshops etc.
6. Upgrade and maintain the facilities available to the faculty.

Finally, may I state categorically to all aspirants that the elections entirely depends on the general student body, and i trust that the students will this time choose credibility over popularity.


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