Just like having a lawyer that executes your will after your death, you can as well have a digital executor that can manage your Facebook profile, photos and old emails when you are gone on your behalf. However if you don’t have that, Facebook can very much do that for you on your behalf and there are 3 ways to this: You memorialize your account, delete it or download the “IF I DIE” App. In the first two options, you don’t get to do that yourself unless you know for certain the day and time you will die and of course do it probably 30 minutes earlier or you can opt for the third option.

Memorialize your account
It’s like turning your Facebook account into a page just like a “fan page” where people can always leave comments and celebrate your life. When an account is memorialized, only confirmed friends can see the timeline or find it on Facebook. The timeline will no longer appear in suggestions section of the homepage and only friends and family can leave post on the profile for remembrance.
Also, once an account has been memorialized, it is completely secured and cannot be accessed or altered by anyone. To protect the privacy of the deceased, Facebook does not share the login info of the account with anyone.
To memorialize a deceased account, it has to be requested, and then Facebook takes over from there, memorializing and verifying the requestor via email once it is complete.

Delete your account
This option will completely erase all the info and data of the account from Facebook except tagged pictures not posted originally by the account. However, you have an option of downloading the contents first but with the right authorization and verification.
To remove an account of a deceased, you will also need to submit a special request as a verified immediate family member or executor. The account would not be deleted if Facebook is unable to verify your relationship with the deceased. Facebook may also require documents like the deceased birth and/or death certificate, proof of authority over the deceased estate.

‘IF I DIE’ App
This option is an app, a third party application. This app has tutorials on what happens to your Facebook profile when you die. This app allows you to create videos, message or text message that can be scheduled to send after you pass. It can also personalize profile page for you.
You can leave a video or report a death of someone else using this app. You can leave and receive personal, public and private messages from other application users after you or a loved one passes.

For more information and details, you can visit the Facebook FAQs.


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