The Uniqueness Of The Blood

Life needs blood but blood does not need life. Ever wondered why organisms, animals and man, share the same colour of blood? Even now, I still wonder why some are still oblivious that God is real. Anyways let’s see what makes the blood so unique?
The blood is arguably the most important part of the body because it aids life. It aids life by distributing the gas of life “oxygen”. The blood aids the activeness of the other parts of the body like the brain and other important organs. It is the most abundant fluid in the body, adults have approximately 5 litres of blood which makes up to approximately 8% of our body weight. The blood has two major constituents; the plasma and the cells. Plasma contains red blood cells, electrolytes, nutrients, hormones and proteins. It distributes these substances as it circulates throughout the body.
Contrary to the plasma, the cellular portion contains red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. The red blood cells circulate oxygen around the body, the white blood cells protect against antibodies and the platelets clots the blood. There is no doubt, the blood is so unique.
Read about why blood are typed here


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