How to Turn Your PC into a TV

It’s the digital age and life is being made easier by technologies, if only of course you make use of it. Turning your PC into a TV is more like killing two birds with a stone. It saves you some monthly bill on cable TV and ISP.

Things Needed

A computer (a least 10GB of free hard-drive space with a fast processor)
TV tuner (graphics card or USB-type)

How to go about it

Install the TV tuner to give your computer screen a TV signal. You can choose between the graphics card TV tuner which needs to be installed by a technician or the external TV tuner box which can easily be installed by connecting it to your computer’s USB port.
The graphics card TV tuner provides you with a clear connection to TV channels while the USB TV tuner’s connection is slower, giving you a lower resolution image.

Install the software that comes with your tuner onto your PC. This allows you controls to the channels and volume through a remote control. It can even enable you to record live TV shows onto your computer’s hard drive.


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