Is my computer virus infected?

Computer viruses can cause quite a variety of problems and you definitely don’t want to be at the end of it, and that is why it is imperative to secure your computer using reliable anti-virus software. But once in a while, computer viruses get beyond our defenses, perhaps our anti-virus software was out of date or we threaded a viral mined website, how do you know if your computer has been hit by a computer virus?
There are signs to watch out for that can indicate the presence of a computer virus.

Signs of a Computer Virus

If your computer has become unstable, that’s a sign that something’s wrong. Some malware messes with important files that keep your computer running properly causing your computer to crash when you try to run a specific application or open a particular file, which tells you that something has corrupted the data. It could be malware.

If your computer runs slower than it used to, it could be the result of malware as the malicious code begins to drain your computer’s processing resources. If you aren’t running a resource-heavy application but your computer is very slow, you might have a computer virus.

Strange messages indicating that you can’t access certain drives on your computer are another sign that something is wrong. In a similar vein, applications that won’t run or files that won’t open may be the result of infection.

Other indicators may include external devices that no longer respond to commands, fluctuating file sizes, odd or distorted icons.
N.B: While surfing the Web, you might encounter alarming pop-up messages claiming a virus has been found on your computer and that you should download software to get rid of it. Be careful! These messages are often scams that trick you into downloading software that can hurt your computer or spy on you. If the message didn’t come from your own anti-virus or anti-spyware applications, don’t trust it!


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