How to Keep Your Laptop Cool

Generally, electronics gets hot after running for a while of which your laptop isn’t an exception. There may be extreme cases such as laptop explosion which can be a result of faulty batteries or chargers in the case of power surge. Nonetheless, overheating in laptops has a lot to do with the high demand on processing power which in turn generates excessive heat. Fans, heat sinks and air vents are installed to cool down the laptop while it’s running but since laptops are closely packed together, heat dissipation can be quite inadequate.
Effective maintenance culture can go a long way towards avoiding a problem or two with your laptop such as;

Regular checks on fans and air vent

Dusts in air vents can impede airflow which in turn can make the fans ineffective. Cleaning of the air vents can be done blasting them with compressed air and the use of diagnostic software to ensure fans are working properly.

Check your BIOS settings

This may require the assistance of a computer technician. The BIOS tells the computer a lot of things such as the temperature, clock speed of the processor, time and date etc. if the BIOS settings are wrong, then your laptop may malfunction especially when it can’t tell if the computer is hot enough to initiate the fans.

Laptop Cooling Accessories

There are accessories you can use to keep your laptop cool, one is the laptop stand, which puts some distance between the bottom of the laptop and the surface you’re using it on. It basically creates a space where heat can dissipate. The stand could be made of aluminium which acts as a heat sink.
Another is a laptop pad or mat. The pad is a heat managing surface that traps the heat coming out of the laptop. It could be built with fans which actively draws out the heat and dissipates it.

However, the heat level of your laptop can actively change due to environment or power usage, so the use of diagnostic tools is adviced as this can be used to monitor the changing temperatures of your laptop.


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