SOLVED! The entangling

Have you ever been in a tensed mood, and all that can relieve you is a soft music from your phone. You get your earphone out of your pocket only to find it knotted in a messy way. It’s very annoying right? Having to go through the stress of loosening the wires is another reason for you to be in an even tenser mood.

But silly as it may sound; Physicists have been able to explain the reason why our earphones always get tangled within a short period of time.

To solve this mystery, the scientists started by randomly tumbling strings of different stiffness in a box. And so, they found out that strings with lesser stiffness had more tendencies of forming a knot while the stiffer strings did not tangle together.

Another factor which they discovered was that the length of the strings also played a role in the “knotting process”. After about 3,000 trials of both long and short strings, they found out that strings that where shorter than 1.5 feet could not tangle together. But strings longer than that would always tangle.

So there you have it folks, now y’all know the reasons for those tied up earphones. And if you don’t want to go through the stress of always loosening your tangled earphones, I would advise you to get a wireless one.



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