What if we had two moons?

Most of the planets in our solar system have more than one natural satellite. For instance Jupiter, the largest planet has 67 moons, Saturn has got 62 moons and Neptune, 14 moons. Even our close neighbour, Mars has 2 moons.

Our planet has just one moon orbiting it. What if we had a second one? Would it be fun or disastrous?

Well, astronomers believe that having two moons would have two major effects on our planet. The first is the instability of the “Tides” (the rise and fall in sea level). It is caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Sun and Moon. So adding a second moon would increase the rate of the tides. At some times the sea level would be so high (you would think it’s a tsunami) it would be extremely difficult to travel by water. Living near a beach would be a bad idea too. At other times, there won’t be any noticeable change in the water level.

The other major effect is that we would experience more solar eclipses than usual.

Other effect which is minor is that we would have nights been brighter than usual. Just like adding a second torch in a dark room. So it would be easier for night creatures to navigate, and easier for their prey to detect them.

Now i wonder how it would feel like to live in a planet like Jupiter with 67 moons!!



Adapted from edscienceblog.blogspot.com.ng


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