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Forget the rain forest—your home is brimming with bugs. Ranging with the likes cobweb spiders, carpet beetles, ants, gall midges (tiny flies whose larvae feed inside plant tissue), dark-winged fungus gnats, book lice (which eat fungus or mold not books), dust mites, cockroach, flea, termites and bedbugs just to mention a few. There could even be more hiding in your homes.

Matt Bertone, an entomologist at North Carolina State University and his research team underwent a comprehensive inventory of arthropods in 50 free-standing houses in and around Raleigh, North Carolina.
Bertone and his team gathered over 10,000 specimens, representing over 300 amilies of arthropods, and conservatively, 579 species. Each house was home to anywhere between 32 and 211 arthropod species, according to the study, published January 19 in the journal Peer J.
In addition to the sheer number of species, the researchers were surprised at how many bugs they found in the homes. Out of more than 550 rooms sampled, only five were totally bugless.

But hey! don’t be alarmed. These bugs live amongst us but they’re not dangerous and you won’t see them unless you really look for them. They are peacefully cohabitating with us. I rather you appreciate the biodiversity and not see it as a health or cleanliness concern.


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